Saturday, December 27, 2014

Day 1 | Dubai

Hey everyone! I am officially in Dubai and it is absolutely amazing. It's also super warm for a perfect...winter tan? We are staying at The Atlantis Hotel which is a HUGE, I mean H U G E resort hotel. It is one of the iconic hotels and was also on a season of Amazing race if any of you watch that ;) Anyways, we flew from Switzerland yesterday and got here late last night, so today was our first real day.

We began the morning relaxed and finishing some tasks of booking various dinners and activities for our stay here until next Friday. Then, we went to the pool and laid out in the sun with smoothies and a caesar salad for lunch. After a little pool time we headed back to the rooms to get ready for our 'Safari Tour'. The tour was incredible and definitely a once in a lifetime experience that I never would have thought I would experience. We drove out about an hour to the desert-with a quick stop to see camel racing-and rode the truck that our guide was driving in across the desert. It was like a 'dune buggy' experience and we even had to deflate the tires before starting a bumpy adventure. Once we reached deep into the desert with literally no one or nothing around us we parked the car and enjoying the breathtaking views and silence. The sand in the desert was red so no animals can survive there and it was super soft and silky. We watched the sunset on top of one of the sand dunes and also did some funny sand boarding down one of the sand hills.

After the sun had set we headed down to our camp and camel ride; except had to take a little detour to help some guys who had gotten stuck in one of the sand craters. The camp was set-up so beautifully with a fire, tents, pillows and cushions all over the floor. Our camel was also waiting there for us and we ventured on some nighttime camel riding which was so cool! After a delicious and traditional dinner we concluded the night and drove back to the hotel. Now, I will show you some highlights from the day.

Talk tomorrow, xxx

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